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The Historic Town Square of Lancaster Texas has had an interesting and storied past as indicated on the History of Historic Town Square page. Shown here will be some of the surviving buildings and features from the squares interesting past.
Pictured here (right) is the R.P.Henry and Sons Bank that was located near the west entrance of the town square. It was the first official bank of Lancaster and was founded by Rene Paul Henry in 1889. Robbery reported by the Dallas Morning News on 2/28/34. This was the last bank robbed by Bonnie & Clyde and was one of only 6 daylight bank robberies committed by Bonnie and Clyde during their crime spree. Historic Town Square Lancaster, TX  R.P. Henry and Sons Bank. Last bank robbed by Bonnie and Clyde.
Historic Town Square Lancaster, TX . Old public well opened in 1876. The photo (left) shows the first public well which was dug in the Lancaster town square in 1876 to service both local and out of town visitors. The well still exists today as shown in the photo behind the dedication plaque. It was centrally located so that it could be accessed from all sides in the center of the square. The well was an  oasis in the early days of traveling through this country and was a welcome stop on the way to and from Dallas.
The clock (right) stands in the town square with 4 working clock faces visible from anywhere in the square. The Clock was Manufactured in Minneapolis, MN by the O.B. McClintock Company, and was a feature since shortly after World War II at Houston National Bank. Brought to Lancaster and placed at the entrance to the White & Co., Bankers Building. Later moved to the Historic Town Square and presented to the City of Lancaster as a reminder of its heritage by A.G. Nash in 1974. It stands at the entrance to a shaded seating area for visitors and residence alike. Benches under the cool shade trees make for a pleasant respite from the heat of a summer midday visit.

Historic Town Square Lancaster, TX.  4 sided Clock located on the square.

Historic Town Square Lancaster, TX  far east end View of the Far East end of the square with a view of the small shops in that section.

Historic Town Square, Lancaster, TX  North East Side

Historic Town Square, Lancaster, TX  northwest corner  Historic Town Square Lancaster, TX  breeze way

This is a view of the Gazebo and Vietnam Memorial in Heritage Park on the North Side of the Historic Town Square

Close up view of the Vietnam Memorial with dedication located on Memorial Park.

Historic Town Square, Lancaster, TX northwest corner

Shops shown around the Historic Town Square of Lancaster, TX More photos will be added as the restoration of the Theater and Cafe near completion. 
Historic Town Square, Lancaster, TX southwest side

Anyone possessing old photos of the square or businesses in it we would like to hear from you. Any documentation that you might have available would be appreciated. Contact Us

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